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Diversification, Redefined.

Alternative Investment Management

Zion Wealth Management transcends conventional investing norms to unlock the power of alternative investments. Our approach unearths opportunities often overlooked by traditional asset classes to achieve diversification, income generation, and portfolio optimization.


Enhance Diversification

Mitigate risk by investing in assets with low correlation to traditional investments.

Access Opportunities

Gain exposure to investments not available through traditional investment channels.

Hedge Against Inflation

Real and digital assets typically maintain their value during periods of high inflation.

Increase Returns

Regular distributions create a consistent income flow to bolster financial security.


Investment Opportunities

We offer a variety of investment opportunities appropriate for investors with various risk tolerances and return objectives.

Index Investing

Passive Investment
We use a passive index approach to minimize fees for investors. We found the performance of active funds did not justify the higher fees charged.
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Private Lending

Secured Lending
We bridge the financing gap, providing borrowers with the funds they need, when they need them. We use hard assets as collateral on all loans.
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Digital Assets

Yield Focus
We focus on decentralized crypto assets with the ability to deliver yield through staking. Client funds are held in cold storage to protect against counterparty risk.
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